Fingertec is a global brand that offers quality biometric time attendance, door access hardware and solutions for various companies worldwide. Combined with powerful applications for PCs, web and cloud-based systems, Fingertec truly provides solutions that expand beyond biometrics.

“YES. We go beyond biometrics”

Why Biometric Security Is the Best Identity Access Solution

Most identity access systems are based on one of three principles – What Do You Have, What Do You Know, and Who Are You.

“What Do You Have” refers to something a person carries, like a card or key. “What Do You Know” involves a passcode or PIN, while “Who Are You” requires some sort of physical evidence. Of these three, “Who Are You” is the most secure, and is what FingerTec is all about. Face recognition and related systems all point to the same immutable truth – it’s impossible for you to become someone else! And unlike cards or keys, you can never lose your fingerprints, irises or voice.